Fact sheets

Introduction to glass packaging

Colours, looks and textures express their potential at best in glass packages, with infinite variations in forms, shades and decorations. With this fact sheet find out more about the key properties of glass, bottles and jars caracteristics and glass production process.

Verallia serving the beverage and food products industry

Verallia is the world’s third largest manufacturer of glass containers for beverages and food products.

Zoom on external engravings

External engravings on glass bottles and jars are a good way to customize its packaging and convey a visible identity. Discover various external engravings here. Inspired ?

Zoom on internal engravings

The internal engravings are a real differentiation for glass bottles. Check out these surprising engravings here and make it an inspiration!

Zoom on bottles push-ups

“Push-ups” doesn’t mean anything for you when it comes to glass ? Go check the doc “Introduction to glass packaging”… and look here how to customize them !

The fluorescent bottle

Completely transparent during the daylight, the bottles show their fluorescent blue color under the black light…Discover the fluorescent bottle !

The jars

The jars are a full-fledged market. Discover here their particularities and the different possible shapes and capacities. Be creative designer for the jar of tomorrow!

The decor by Saga Décor

Nothing like a decoration to customize a bottle or glass jar. Here are the techniques used by Saga décor to beautify any kind of pot and glass bottle.

The Decor Category

Find all the informations about the Decor category to design an innovate and original decor!