If I am a recent graduate, can I participate ?

Yes, the contest is open to all design students and young graduates who have recently completed a design degree. Therefore, the contest is not dedicated to professionals and companies, but rather to young designers.

What will be asked from me during registration ?

The registration can be performed in two ways: either by using your Facebook profile or by completing the registration form. If you connect yourself via Facebook, the email address attached to your Facebook account will be carried forward as your login (you can change it if you like). You can choosethe password . This registration allows you to save time, and your profile data is secured, nothing is collected or registered by this website. If you choose the entry form, you will be asked to fill your first name, last name, a telephone number (in order to reach you and your school) and how you discovered the Verallia Design Awards.There is no need to specify the category you are interested in, this point will be asked only when submitting your project.

Registration are open until on March 20, 2017 midnight.

If the project is realized by more than one participant, do all members have to register ?

Yes. That way all candidates will be informed at the same time of the contests’ news. However a single application file will be requested, with a referent per folder to contact in case of victory.

I lost my login, how can I get it back ?

Your ID is your email address provided during registration. If you have chosen the registration via Facebook, your ID email address is the one linked to your Facebook account. If the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact us marketing.veralliafrance@verallia.com.

I lost my password, how can I get it back ?

Just click on “forgotten password” to the right of the login field. A new password will be sent to your email address. If it doesn’t work do not hesitate to contact us marketing.veralliafrance@verallia.com.


When do I submit my project ?

The submission of applications will be open from November 16 to April 10 at midnight. Beyond that date, no project will be accepted. However you can at any time until April 10, go back to your file and edit it. The last recording will have the final value.

Do I have to put my last name and my first name on the synthesis of my file ?

No, the synthesis and the application files must remain anonymous to avoid influencing the jury members. Verallia reserves itself the right to blur the visible names if the instruction is not met.

Can I submit a project that had already won a prize ?

Yes, but you must check that there are no earlier designs identical to your project and make sure that if needed Verallia will be able to acquire the copyrights. your project cannot be developed by Verallia and one of its customers immediately after the competition you can’t submit it.

I want to change an image or other element of my application file, is that possible ?

Yes. Until April 10 at midnight you can change your application file. By connecting to your candidate space you will have access to the entire items you have registered. The last recording made till the evening of April 10 will be considered the last version of your file.


How is going the vote ?

1. The projects submitted are subject to a pre-selection to propose voting projects that:

  • match the theme of the contest
  • comply of industrial feasibility
  • highlight the glass materials (innovation must not be based on another material)

2. Online voting is open to Verallia customers, Verallia employees and the jury.

3. The best projects of each category will be presented to the jury committee, which will elect the winners in each category.

How is the selection of the winners made ?

For general categories (Food / Wine / Spirits / Beer, Water, soft and oil), at the end of April, an internal committee composed of Verallia engineering, production, trade and marketing people makes a pre-selection of the projects. Shortlisted projects will be then submitted to an online vote, opened in May, to Verallia customers and employees as well as packaging agencies and journalists. This online vote will be followed by a debate with a physical jury.

Who are the members of the jury ?

Each year Verallia relies on its client’s network of food and beverage industry professionals. All markets and various functions are represented (Purchase Management, Marketing, Development …) In 2016 the winners were for instance selected by experts from Moët Hennessy, Advini, Vignobles Foncalieu, Marie Morin, Danone…

Besides these professionals, renowned designers are also present to elect the best projects. In 2015, Emmanuel Gallina, sponsor of the contest and Mélitine Courvoisier, former laureate, were among us.

Journalists finally complete the panel to ensure the innovative aspect of the products. In 2016, magazines like Emballage Magazine, Vitisphère and VS News accompanied the committee. The exact composition of the jury in 2017 will be announced in April.

When will the winners of Verallia Design Awards 2016 be announced ?

The winners will be notified after the jury deliberation late May, ahead of the award ceremony, so that Verallia has time to make a realistic model of their projects (made of glass in the best case, or Plexiglass or Pyrex or so). To achieve this model, a 3D plan is necessary. The models’ production is ensured by Verallia design office and its network, with the laureates’ approval.


When and where will the award ceremony take place ?

The award ceremony will take place in Paris on Friday 30 June. It will be organized as a cocktail buffet.

I want to participate for the special price "Rosé de Provence", where do I register ?

This special award is organized in partnership with the Union of Vins Côtes de Provence. You can register and submit your file on our platform. We put together all the files received to shortlist our finalists.

What is different compared to other prices of Verallia Design Awards ?

The theme is not the same. For the special prize Syndicat des Vins Côtes de Provence, the requested theme is “Imagine the future bottle of Côtes de Provence, spirit of rosé” while for the other categories the theme relates on the idea of urban glass packaging (”Glass in Town”).

Also the choice of winners is not the same: for the special prize, Verallia shortlists the best projects and finalists are invited present their project in late May. At the same time, they will be told the venue, date and time of the event at which the jury will select the entries for which a prize will be awarded. Entrants commit themselves to participate or to have someone represent them at the place and on the date that will be communicated to them.

Glass packaging

What is glass? What are its properties ?

This type of information is available in the tab “Specifications”, which appears when you are connected (see “My Account”).

What a glass bottle is? What a glass jar is ?

This type of information is available in the tab “Specifications”, which appears when you are connected (see “My Account”).

I would like more information on a model or on a technique, who could help me ?

If the answer you are looking for does not appear in the data sheets made available on your connected space (see “My Account”), or on our website www.verallia.fr or www.selective-line.com, please contact us : marketing.veralliafrance@saint-gobain.com


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